Education Office of the Chinese Embassy in Spain Hosts Teaching Seminar for Chinese Language Teachers and Volunteers

[Source]    Volunteer Center [Time]    2010-11-23 14:18:43 

Spain, November 21st, 2010—the Education Office of the Chinese Embassy in Spain hosted a teaching seminar for Chinese language teachers and volunteers. Representatives of exchange teachers and local teachers attended the meeting.

At the seminar, Chinese language teachers and volunteers from various part of the country had spirited discussions on Chinese teaching, cultural promotion, selection of teaching materials, teaching methods for children and other issues. Educational official Wang Zhiwei thanked the teachers and volunteers for presenting at the seminar, commended their efforts to overcome hardship in the foreign country and their contributions to Chinese education in Spain, and encouraged them to take the Chinese Language Year in Spain as an opportunity to expand the teaching of the Chinese language.

At the invitation of the Valencia Region, Hanban dispatched 10 volunteer Chinese teachers this year to help local public schools offer their first Chinese courses. They made great efforts to make the foreign students and teachers enjoy learning about the Chinese language and China and felt proud to call their work “epoch-making” in regards to Chinese teaching.