Confucius Institute in Liege, Belgium Hosts 'Crossing The European- Chinese Gap ' Large-Scale Seminar

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Liege [Time]    2010-11-22 10:43:38 

Ambassador Song Zhe delivering a speech at the opening ceremony

On November 19, 2010, a large-scale seminar entitled 'Crossing The European- Chinese Gap ', which was organized and planned by the Madariaga – College of Europe Foundation and the College of Europe in Bruges, co-organized by the Chinese Delegation of the EU and sponsored by the European Economic and Social Commission and the the Belgian Presidency of the European Union, was held at the headquarters of the European Economic and Social Committee in the civic center of Brussels.

An audience of more than 200, gathering at the conference hall of the European Economic and Social Committee

Mr. Song Zhe, Chinese Ambassador to the EU, attended the opening ceremony and delivered an important speech. The Ambassador stated:' This year sees the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Europe. Despite changes in China, Europe or, even, changes globally; we have remained committed to stronger bilateral ties. As a result, we have seen continued growth in our political relations and exchanges, cooperation across board: creating tangible benefits for both China and Europe.' ‘In addition to business and the coordination and cooperation we have with regards to international affairs is also worth commending. By working together in addressing global challenges, we have made China-EU relations one of the most influential of bilateral ties worldwide today.'Ambassador Song Zhe hopes that scholars and diplomats of China and the EU will grasp the current zeitgeist and through candid, in-depth dialogues, recognize the each other’s development objectively and join in actively taking relations between China and the EU to a higher level. He also said: 'within such a context, there is even more cause for diplomats and scholars to strengthen dialogue and work towards gaining an objective perception of each nation. With your good will and knowledge, I firmly believe that we will achieve this goal, and I'm full of confidence in the future of China-EU relations. '

Director Eric hosting the forum entitled ‘Debating a Harmonious Society'

The seminar was divided into four sections: 'Mutual Perceptions', 'China’s Economic Reorientation: From fast-growth Economic Development to a More Balanced Paradigm?' 'Debating a Harmonious Society ' and ' Historical Perspectives Revisited and their Contemporary Relevance to Europe-China Relations'. 17 experts and scholars from China (the mainland and Hong Kong), Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the U.K. offered an analysis of the above topics from their own professional angles. In addition, there were over 220 people from European politics, business and academia listening to the seminar and interacting with the experts and scholars. Eric, Belgian Director of the Confucius Institute in Liege, hosted the third section of the seminar and participated in its discussion. Interviews were made by reporters from CCTV and Wallonia--- a magazine in Wallonia, Belgium and multitude of promotional activities were held by each of the sponsors and co-sponsors. The discussion in every section of the seminar, which was lively, in-depth, diverse and easy to understand, was a thorough showcase of seminar spirit’s theme and created an effective platform for further cooperation and dispelling misunderstandings between the diplomatic and academic circles within China and the EU .

The seminar was another successful example of establishment of connections between the Confucius Institute in Liege and the high society of Europe, as well as being a beneficial effort to promotion of China-EU exchange in the fields of culture and academics.