Confucius Institute at Phuket, Prince of Songkla University Hosts Thai Students’ Calligraphy Exhibition

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Phuket, Prince of Songkla University [Time]    2010-11-19 09:29:06 

Phuket, on the morning of November 17th—the Confucius Institute at Phuket, Prince of Songkla University held an opening ceremony for the 2010 Thai Students’ Calligraphy Exhibition in the exhibition hall located on the 3rd floor of the No. 6 Building on the Phuket Campus. Dr. Boonsom, President of Prince of Songkla University attended and gave a speech at the event. Also present were the vice presidents of the university’s 5 campuses, directors from 31 faculties as well as 200 teachers and students from the Phuket Campus.

The exhibition will last 3 days (from 17th to 19th). Students from Trang, Phuket and Surat Thani have submitted more than 40 pieces of calligraphic works. All of them are studying calligraphy at the Confucius Institute currently. The exhibition was held on the 2010 Academic Week of Prince of Songkla University. Scholars, teachers and students from the 5 campuses gathered in Phuket to attend the academic event. In their spare time, they visited the exhibition and showed a great deal of interest in Chinese culture. In his speech at the opening ceremony, President Boonsom spoke highly of the institute’s efforts in promoting Chinese language and culture in the 5 campuses in recent years, which has attracted more and more students, and even teachers to get involved in learning about Chinese language and culture. Afterward, the president awarded first place in the calligraphy competition to Yang Qingting and gave him several prizes and certificates. “Learning calligraphy brings me a lot of joy and helps me learn more about Chinese characters and culture. I am looking forward to participating in such activities in the future,” Yang Qingting said excitedly in an interview.