A Chinese Teaching Site of the Confucius Institute at Tajikistan Nationality University Celebrates the Inauguration of Guangzhou Asian Games

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Tajikistan Nationality University [Time]    2010-11-18 13:30:12 

A scene of the celebration

Bishkek, at 11 p.m. on November 13th, 2010, local time—a party to celebrate the inauguration of the Guangzhou Asian Games, prepared by teachers and students of the No. 2 Middle School in Bishkek—one of the Chinese teaching site of the Confucius Institute at Tajikistan Nationality University began at the schools’ auditorium.

playing national anthems

The performance began with the singing of the national anthems of the two countries. The Chinese Ambassador to Kirghizian; Wang Kaiwen’s wife Consul Ms. Gu Ping, the institute’s Chinese Director and Deputy Director of the Central Asian Base of Chinese Language Promotion of Xinjiang Normal University Ms. Jia Jingfang; first assistant to Bishkek mayor; and chief executive of Lenin District of Bishkek were invited to the performance. Local media outlets such as HTC and the Bishkek Evening Newspaper gave reports on the event.

A scene during celebration

At the party, the students introduced Guangzhou and the Guangzhou Asian Games in Chinese, Kirghiz and Russian. They also staged songs “Jasmine Flower”, “On the Way to School” and “Look for Friends”, danced a “Dragon Dance”, there was also a male solo “Friend” amongst other performances. The poetry recital “Motherland, My Beloved Motherland” by a 9th-grade student from Bishkek No. 2 Middle School and first place winner of the 3rd Chinese Bridge—Chinese Proficiency Contest for Foreign High School Students in Kirghizian, and a number of other students were met by thunderous applause. The activity lasted nearly 2 hours. Cheerful laughter and songs added to the festive atmosphere of the inauguration of the Guangzhou Asian Games.

Poetry recital “Motherland, My Beloved Motherland”

Following the activity, Consul Gu Ping and the principal of the middle school exchanged gifts. Consul Gu also posed for pictures with the performers.

Series of Songs—“Jasmine Flower” and others


Male solo “Friend”

Consul Gu Ping explained that the celebration once again demonstrated achievements in Chinese language promotion as well as local students’ enthusiasm for learning Chinese language. In an interview with HTC, she expressed hopes that athletes of the two countries would perform well during the Guangzhou Asian Games.

Consul Gu Ping receiving an interview with the local media