Chinese Minister Counselor to the US You Shaozhong Pays a Visit to Volunteer Chinese Teachers of the Confucius Institute at Western Kentucky University

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Western Kentucky University [Time]    2010-11-18 14:12:16 

Bowling Green, Nov. 8th – Mr. You Shaozhong, Chinese Minister Counselor to the US visited volunteer Chinese teachers of the Confucius Institute at Western Kentucky University accompanied by 2 other delegates.

At 9 am the delegation arrived in Greenwood High School, Minister Counselor You joined volunteer Chinese teacher Liang Zhongjie’s Chinese class and greeted students in Chinese. You praised the Chinese class highly after listening to the one-hour long lesson. He said that there is a dynamic atmosphere in the class; both the teacher and his students have shown initiative. You also expressed the belief that Liang is an experienced and skillful Chinese teacher who has demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and strong flexibility during his class. At last, You expressed his admiration for the students and surprise at the outcomes from just over 2 months of learning.

In the evening Minister Counselor You visited the 11 volunteer Chinese teachers working at the Confucius Institute at WKU, who had arrived in the US late July this year and are currently teaching some 500 students at 10 primary and secondary school in 3 towns. You again spoke highly of volunteers and reminded them to keep fit and stay focused on their work. The volunteers were encouraged, replying that they will work hard to fulfill their mission and not fail their motherland. Guests and volunteer took group photos after the meeting.