The 1st New HSK was Successfully Held in Confucius Institute at University of Khartoum

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Khartoum (CIUOFK) [Time]    2010-11-16 11:01:18 

On Nov. 13, 2010 the first new HSK was held in CIUOFK. Sixty candidates attended the tests which were level 3 and level 4. Before the tests, specific invigilation rules were made, and all the invigilators were required to learn and discuss them carefully. At last, all of them could perfect themselves in the procedures.

Photo 1: The invigilators studied rules

Although it was Corban Festival in Sudan and all people were free in the holiday, all the invigilators and students arrived on time. The tests were held smoothly. After the test, several students in UOFK said happily: “We love Chinese language. If we could pass the test, we would prepare for higher levels. We want to go to China one day.” Next year, CIUOFK will add the times and levels of new HSK to satisfy the requirements of Chinese language learners.

Photo 2: The candidates are answering the papers.

Photo 3: A scene of invigilation

Photo 4: Testing room one