The Confucius Classroom at Taesung Middle and High School Enters Kindergarten

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Taesung Middle and High School [Time]    2010-11-11 09:51:25 

As an old saying goes ' Interest is the best teacher and being at play child's nature ' , the Confucius Classroom at Taesung Middle and High School brought happy cartoon Chinese to the No.1 Kindergarten of Yongin and presented a lively and enlightening Chinese course to the 36 South Korean children.

Led by Chinese language teachers, the children learnt how to read words and sing a children’s song. When the teacher was singing ' small fish small fish, swimming swimming swimming ‘, she pouted her lips, making a round shape. By seeing the round-shaped lips, the children were left with a deep impression of the image of fish and its corresponding pronunciation in their minds. In addition, their listening to the words and lifting corresponding pictures game was also played a part of enlightening course. The teacher read the newly-learnt Chinese words and children were asked to lift the corresponding pictures. Whoever lifted the correct picture most quickly was the winner. The winners were presented with either Chinese knots or small plush toys. The lovely children had a chance to come closer to Chinese language and through these activities they showed great interest in Chinese. At the end of the course, the children were able to speak some simple Chinese words.

The Confucius Institute and the No.1 Kindergarten of Yongin reached an agreement that the happy Chinese nursery class will be held twice a week and that the number of students attending the class will be increased to at least 200.