Former Ambassador Wu Jianmin and His Wife Visit UCLA Confucius Institute and Present Speeches

[Source]    UCLA Confucius Institute [Time]    2010-11-09 14:21:53 

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Los Angeles, November 4th, 2010—the former Chinese Ambassador to France Wu Jianmin and his wife, former Ambassador to Luxemburg Shi Yanhua, paid a visit to the Confucius Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); and presented talks on “China-US relations” and “future trends in the developing world”.

Before the speeches, the conference hall of the James West Center was packed with people. The activity was co-hosted by the UCLA Confucius Institute and UCLA Center for Chinese Studies. Focusing on “China-US Relationship in a Changing World” and “Harmony in Diversity”, Ambassador Wu Jianmin and Ambassador Shi Yanhua reviewed the development of China-US relations; analyzed the current status of the relations and discussed how to create harmony in diversity. Wu stated the belief that the two powerful nations getting along well with each other is of great significance to the world's economic growth in the changing world. China and the US share many common interests; the two sides should and can find a way to achieve common development. Shi stressed that “seeking a common ground while retaining diversity” should serve as an important principle in settling disputes between countries; and that holding fast to this principle, people could create a harmonious atmosphere in the pluralistic world and contribute to world peace.

As senior Chinese diplomats, Wu and Shi left a great impression on UCLA teachers and students with their rich life experiences, critical thinking and insight in the China-US relationship and major international issues.

Ambassador Wu showed great concern over the current situation and development of the Confucius Institute. He stated that Confucius Institute is something new without a ready-made model for its development, which requires the institute to blaze new trails and seek a way which is in conformity with its mission and also shows its own characteristics. The Confucius Institute needs to put in effort over a long-term to let the world understand China and let China better understand the world and make greater contributions to promoting Chinese language and culture.