Chinese Credit Value Courses a Considerable Draw in Madagascar

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Antananarivo University [Time]    2010-11-08 10:08:20 

Madagascar, on the morning of October 22nd—Chinese credit value course was launched at the Catholic University of Madagascar, welcoming over 70 students.

The Catholic University became the 6th university with a Chinese credit value course offered by the Confucius Institute at Antananarivo University.

Since the Confucius Institute began working with local universities in offering a Chinese credit value course in March 2009, it has seen more than 2,000 students engaged in the course. Thanks to the burgeoning fever for Chinese language there is a growing need for the course in local universities.

The institute has also organized a rector’s delegation to visit China in mid October. Agreement was reached after preliminary negotiations regarding the offer of Chinese credit value courses at 5 universities outside the capital of Madagascar.

(Contributed by the Confucius Institute at Antananarivo University)