The Confucius Institute for Business London Hosts ‘The China Model ‘Symposium with complete success

[Source]    Confucius Institute for Business London [Time]    2010-11-05 15:25:10 

On the evening of Tuesday, November 2, a public symposium entitled ‘The China Model——Current Economic Development on Mainland China ‘was held at the LSE lecture theatre at the Confucius Institute for Business London. Three speakers, including Professor S.Athar Hussain, a well-known British Economist, made superb speeches and answered over ten questions posed by the audience. There was an audience of 200 people, signifying the great focus of attention British academic circles direct towards the rapidly growing Chinese economy and ‘The China Model’.

68-year-old Professor Hussain is a Chinese language student at the Confucius Institute for Business London. He is in a leading position at the Asian Research Center which is comprised of over 20 researchers at the LSE. This Asian Research Center has established a very close partnership with the United Nations and the Chinese government. The professor has been to 24 provinces and cities in China and paid a visit to the Beijing Railway Station in survey of the migratory workers’ situation. For these reasons he has an in-depth understanding of China.

The speakers listed and commented on 22 monographs and a large number of papers related to ‘The China Model’, they also shared their unique opinions on ‘The China Model’. All of these contributions were warmly welcomed by the audience.