The 2010 CI-Troy University Board Meeting Has Come to a Successful Conclusion

[Source]    CI-Troy University [Time]    2010-11-05 15:52:32 

The participants of the Confucius Institutes Council Meeting on the afternoon of 14th of October

The 2010 CI-Troy University Board Meeting was held on Oct. 14-15, 2010, which has meticulously prepared for a year. Shengling Tang, Chancellor of HNUST and Dr. Yang Dongfang, the Director of International Exchange Center of HNUST and also the new board member arrived at Troy University on Oct. 14th.

Dr. Hawkins, Chancellor of Troy University, and his wife, Mrs. Hawkins prepared a welcome dinner for Chancellor Tang and Director Dongfang. After the dinner, Dr. Hawkins and Dr. Ingram , the senior vice Chancellor of Troy University, accompanied them to watch the performance given by Beatles, which was invited specially for them.

The 2010 CI-Troy University Board Meeting began at 8:00 a.m. on Oct. 15th; Chancellor Tang accompanied by Director Dr. Iris Hong Xu and Deputy Director Ms. Xiaofeng Chen, visited CIT and met two teachers, Ms. Dongmei Wang and Ms. Kaituo Yu who were sent from HNUST. Chancellor Tang and Director Dr. Yang Dongfang talked with them, hoping they work hard to assist Dr. Xu and Ms.Chen with the promotion of Chinese language and culture, and take an active part in the study of Chinese language teaching.

Chinese Director Chen reporting on behalf of the Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology at the council

The 2010 CI-Troy University Board Meeting was opened officially at 9:00 a.m. and it consisted of 3 parts,

First, Dr. Xu presented 2010 Annual Report of CIT; then the Deputy Director Ms. Xiaofeng Chen presented 2010 Annual Report on behalf of the HNUST. All members were confident in the future development of CIT, and made arrangements for year of 2011. In the year 2011, the CIT is going to hold China-Alabama Economy and Culture Week and the on-spot reception of the newly-built CIT building. The meeting has discussed the issue that Alabama is in urgent need of certified Chinese teachers, and Chancellor Hawkins is going to communicate and cooperate with the government to put the training courses and relative courses in to practice.

Later, Dr. Ingram took all members to a tour to the site of the newly-built CIT building. Troy University also prepared the safety helmet for all members. The new site covers a large area; the external structure almost completes and is doing inside furnishing now. The new building is going to put into use next year.

After that, Dr. Dew, the Senior Vice Chancellor of Troy University who is in charge of student services and administration and Dr. Whitlock, the Associate Vice Chancellor who is in charge of CIT finance were invited to the conference lunch. After the lunch, CIT Executive Meeting was held, and 2010 China Trip representatives were invited to give speeches. The representatives shared the experiences of China Trip such as the hospitality of Chinese people and the life after work which touched them deeply. They hoped to have more chances to involve in events like this and understand China better. The representatives also gave great advice for people who are going to attend China Trip in the future, because the only way to know China better was to experience by oneself. The Chancellors from two parties both expressed the strong desire to cooperate with faith and hoped that the CIT can guide the non-governmental intercourse and promote the friendship between peoples.

Vice Chancellor Ingram and his wife, Dr. Rebecca Ingram and Dr. Tatum, the Dean of the College of Education accompanied Chancellor Shengling Tang and Director Yang Dongfang to the David Theater in Montgomery Campus to see a wonderful ballet show later that night, Oct. 15th.

Dr. Ingram, Vice Chancellor of Troy University who is in charge of CIT, said that although the board meeting agenda was a little tight, the meeting was very productive and had met the expectation. He appreciated the cooperation between two sides and made concrete arrangements for the future development. Dr. Ingram also said that the thoughtful arrangements they have made for the guests from Hebei province has showed their sincerity and friendship.

Finally, Oct. 26th, Dr. Xu and her husband, Professor Feng; the Deputy Director Xiaofeng Chen; Chinese teachers Dongmei Wang and Kaituo Yu had breakfast with Chancellor Shengling Tang and Director Yang Dongfang, and saw them off on the morning of Oct. 16th.

President Tang Shengling of Hebei Normal University & Technology, Director Dong Fangchu and staff from Confucius Institute