2011 China Trip Orientation

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Troy University [Time]    2010-11-05 15:15:58 

Confucius Institute at Troy University (CIT) has successfully organized 3 China Trips,which has won applause from all sides. To meet the expectation of many people, 2011 China Trip Orientation was held at 4 pm, Oct. 26th, 2010.

In order to cater for the different needs of people, CIT members, led by Director Dr. Hong Xu and Deputy Director Professor Xiaofeng Chen, have made elaborate arrangements to absorb suggestions from people of all walks of life. Having estimated the possible number of people who may come, they prepared 50 exquisite colorful folders with many useful materials in it such as the Visa Application Form of the People’s Republic of China, China Trip Application Form, Instructions to Visa Application Form, Tentative Itinerary of China Trip and comments from the Students and Faculty Members of 2009 Study Abroad-China Trip. All the work was done with great passion, full consideration and careful planning. In addition, CIT purchased delicious desserts, cookies and beverages which made people relax and talkative in a comfortable atmosphere. This detail once again showed human-based service notion of CIT leaders.

The Orientation consisted of 3 parts:

First, Dr. Xu, the director of CIT, demonstrated last year’s China Trip with a well-prepared PPT . She depicted Chinese Culture, tentative China Trip Itinerary, the famous resorts and scenic spots with concise, vivid words. Then, the deputy Director of CIT, Professor Xiaofeng Chen gave a presentation of HNUST and the beautiful scenery of Qinhuagndao. The Associate Vice Chancellor Dr. Porter also presented himself at the Orientation and delivered an excellent speech. He encouraged people to experience China by themselves. After that, other participants of last year’s China Trip shared their experiences about what they saw, heard and gained in China with emotion and enthusiasm. Participants brought out many questions and Dr. Xu and Professor Chen answered patiently; the Orientation ended in a pleasant and harmonious ambience.