Chinese Ambassador Sent Books to Confucius Institute in Bratislava

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Bratislava [Time]    2010-11-01 16:44:46 

Mr Gu spoke to the students in the classroom

Accompanied by his wife and his secretary, Mr. Gu Ziping, Chinese Ambassador of Slovakia visited Confucius Institute in Bratislava to direct our work and to send us some Chinese Language books on October 28, 2010. 

At 10:30, the ambassador and his people arrived at the gate of Slovak University of Technology. To receive them are Professor Janicek, the vice rector of SUT, Professor Ding Shude, Chinese Director of Confucius Institute, and Dana, board member of CIB, Jana, secretary of CIB.

Mr Gu sent Books to Confucius Institute in Bratislava

Mr Gu first entered the classroom and attended Chinese class which was just on the discussion of some exercises. At this time, Mr Gu delivered a short speech to praise the students’ enthusiasm of learning Chinese language, and encouraged students to master the key to open the door of economic and cultural communication between China and Slovakia. After the speech, Mr Gu presented nearly 200 books and some magazines to Confucius Institute in Bratislava. Vice rector Janicek expressed his warm welcome to Mr Gu’s visiting and thanked Chinese Ambassy for their help.

Mr Gu and Vice rector Janicek looked around the library of CIB

Then, Mr Gu and his people looked around the library of CIB and made a good commentary to the construction and administration of the library.

Mr Gu sat down and talked with all the people presented

At last, Mr Gu sit down with all the people presented and talked deeply about how to open Confucius Classroom and how to raise Chinese teaching level in future. In his talk, he also expressed to try their best to help CIB in Chinese teaching and cultural activities. Vice rector, Professor Janicek also expressed that the Slovak University of Technique will support CIB’ work in various aspects.

We believe that CIB will surely runs better and better under the supports from many sides of the society.

Fang Yu

Confucius Institute in Bratislava,Slovakia


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