‘Phoenix Class ' at Qingzhou Confucius Institute at Dongseo University, Style on Display

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Dongseo University [Time]    2010-10-28 15:13:11 

It is roughly a 50-minute bus drive from Fushan to Qingzhou, South Korea’s famous ancient city. Qingzhou is a city in South Korea famous for tourism due to its well preserved ancient townscape. A ‘Phoenix Class’, in which all students are the wives of scholars, was set up at this location by Confucius Institute at Dongseo University in May, 2010

Students of ‘Phoenix Class’ were intoxicated by Chinese culture. Because their husbands are scholars and of high social class, they have visited China many times with their spouses and discovered the importance of learning Chinese. Having been to China and drawn by the charm of the Chinese culture, they decided to join the ‘Phoenix Class’. In class, they commenced by learning pinyin. During their period of learning up until today they have overcome a great many difficulties, they are now able to speak fluent conversational Chinese and express their wishes. For this reason they named their class’ Phoenix Class’. The ‘Phoenix’ shares similar connotations in both Chinese and South Korean culture. It is a mark of their appreciation and their pride in themselves.

김선우always sat in the first row during class and read texts the loudest. She often joked that she must have been a Chinese person in a past life and that was the reason that she likes Chinese language, Chinese culture and Chinese cuisine so much.

송희자, monitor of ‘Phoenix Class’, once went to study alone in Nanjiang for eight months and also she went backpacking many times during her stay in Nanjiang. She is in high spirits and seems to be very knowledgeable whenever people discuss China. Her husband often jokes with her: “You should have just stayed in China.”

이동채is a typical kind of good wife and mother as well as a gentile, quiet and elegant lady. She learnt very quickly because she has learnt many Chinese characters .Her son was studying in Fudan University in Shanghai. She spoke proudly: ‘It was because my son took heed of my advice that he made such a farsighted choice.’

진명희called herself ‘Chen Yuhuan’ because she is plump. However, teachers thought she bears a resemblance to ‘ Siqin Gaowa', Chen has visited almost all of the places of interest in China, so people call her ‘Chinese expert. She herself also said: ‘I even travel in China in my dreams.’

박장순has devoted all of her time to Chinese learning apart from three days every week when she is required to accompany her husband to Seoul. She said that studying in ‘Phoenix Class’ was the happiest part of her week

Students of ‘Phoenix Class’ started learning Chinese many years ago, but they did not have very good teaching resources because Qingzhou is such a remote place. Now they are members of the Confucius Institute family, so they have a sense of belonging. They take active part in all kinds of cultural activities and act as volunteer propagandists encouraging people to learn Chinese. During the Peking Opera show hosted by the Confucius Institute, students of ‘Phoenix Class’, together with their friends, sat in the front row, expressing acclaim and applauding without restraint. They said that they felt as if they were also Chinese because they were so close to Chinese culture.