Happy to Learn Chinese
Confucius Institute open Chinese courses In NO.13 middle school in the city of Belgrade

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Belgrade [Time]    2010-10-27 13:44:20 

"Hello! How are you! I'm fine! ... ..." in a classroom of NO.13 middle school, came the sound of Chinese. from the Oct.18th, the school begin to offer Chinese language courses, all equipment and teachers are from the Confucius Institute in Belgrade. The lessons are twice a week, the local indigenous teacher of Anna wil be the teacher of this term . Confucius Institutes will send two Volunteers each lesson as Teaching assistant .At 13:00 of the 18th began the first class, before class, Yu-Dong Chen who is Chinese Director of Confucius Institute opening words, he mentioned that ,around the world, more and more people like to learn Chinese, Chinese becomes more and more popular, Chinese culture is very attractive, I hope the students learn Chinese in a happy, feel the charm of Chinese culture ... .... After that, Anna introduced some of the Chinese culture to students, and then studied the first lesson of "Happy Chinese". students learn very seriously. Two volunteers also brought paper-cut, dress, chopsticks, Chinese tea and other characteristics of goods . the students were interested in this, after school ,they were still had reluctantly asked to volunteer.

It is understood that, although this is the first time that Confucius Institute set up Chinese courses in high school, but students were enthusiastic application, up to 70 people. The establishment of Chinese language courses in secondary schools in Serbia for the depth of Chinese culture spread opened a new page.

(Author: Hao Wei volunteers Confucius Institute in Belgrade)