Let Chinese Culture Enter into US High School Campuses---Highlights of Confucius Institute at George Mason University's ‘Chinese Culture Day’

[Source]    Confucius Institute at George Mason University's [Time]    2010-10-25 10:06:36 

Introductions in Chinese

On September 28, 2010, a ‘Chinese Culture Day’ event was hosted by Confucius Institute at George Mason University at local Falls Church High School in Fairfax. This event was a great success. 71 high school students from 5 local schools in which Chinese was set up as an optional class gathered together to experience the unique charm of Chinese culture.

At 9 o’clock sharp in the morning, ‘Chinese Culture Day’ was officially kicked off. This event consisted of activities including a Chinese culture exhibition, paper-cutting, Chinese ethnic costume show, the singing of traditional Chinese songs and Taijiquan.

More than 100 Chinese culture-related exhibits were collected by Confucius Institute at George Mason University through various channels in order to allow the students to better experience Chinese culture. At this event, there were 10 exhibition stands including Bronzes, cloisonné, lacquer ware, jade, bamboo, accompanied by Chinese and English descriptions . Teachers gave special introductions about the origins, functions and making methods of some special exhibits like snuff bottles, shadow plays, "Horse Stepping on Flying Swallow” models, as well as types of facial makeup in operas. Facing the superb collection of exhibits, high school students on the spot exclaimed with admiration from time to time. Holding the "Horse Stepping on Flying Swallow” model, one high school student cried: “Chinese artists are so great. It is amazing that artists in ancient China produced such an exquisite piece of artwork as early as 2000 years ago.” Following the exhibition, students started discussing their understanding and feelings toward Chinese culture in Chinese. In spite of their difficultiies in expressing complicated content, it was not difficult to see the excitement on their faces.

Appreciating the exhibits

During the paper-cutting and Chinese ethnic costume show programs, with a lively atmosphere, students got to experience paper cutting their favorite patterns and putting on ethnic costumes.

The Taijiquan show was at the end of the whole event. During the show, five performers wearing traditional Tai Chi costumes began performing 24 forms of Taijiquan to the melodious music. Among the five performers there was an American, whose superb performance gained acclamation from the students. He self studied Taijiquan and Taiji sword out of interest and also began learning the Chinese language and about ancient Chinese philosophy.

The whole event lasted until slightly later than 3 p.m. Students ended their short Chinese culture experiencing journey, but they seemed to wish that this event could last longer. Students got to appreciate the great charm of Chinese culture on this occasion. Not only did this occasion increase their knowledge of Chinese culture, but it also boosted their interest in Chinese learning.

‘How does the paper fish look? Pretty?’

Ethnic costume show

(Confucius Institute at George Mason University contributed to this report)