Wuhan University holds “Charming China”——An art performance in Pittsburgh, USA

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Pittsburgh [Time]    2010-10-22 16:29:23 

Ensemble of traditional Chinese instruments: Beaming with Joy

On the evening of Oct.11, 7 ‘o clock, local time, Bellefield Auditorium of University of Pittsburgh blazed with lights. On the commission of Chinese Language International Council and headquarters of Confucius Institute, art troupe of Wuhan University presented a unique performance with rich Chinese “harmonious” cultural characteristics. During their performance, audience enjoyed together the development of Chinese culture from the pursuit of “peace as beauty”, through the process of “merging” based on mutual exchange and promotion, to a “harmonious” culture that upholds the unity of humanity and heaven and natural principles.

At the beginning of the performance, ensemble of traditional Chinese instruments: Beaming with Joy created a delighting and festive atmosphere with bright rhythm and relaxing melody, which erupted in applause.

Erhu solo: Horse Race ,which fully and vividly expresses the vastness and beauty of grassland and the feeling of joy of herdsmen. The dance Beauties is a dramatic dance with strong Sichuan style, creating vivid images of smart and vibrant female roles.

Dance: Beauties

The ballad of the Dragon Boat highlights Chinese resourceful culture of ethnic group. During this performance, the interaction between actress and audience won a gale of laugh from audience.

The peak of performance is Martial Arts Performance: Saber Play, Chain Whip, Shaolin Boxers.

Audience were immersed in traditional Chinese culture and felt how charming Chinese art it is. After performance, all audience expressed their thanks to art troupe by giving their warm clause.

Curtain call

Principle Mr. Gu Hailiang give a speech

As the president of Wuhan University ,Gu Hailiang said before the performance began, “This show not only represented high quality of students in Wuhan University , expressing charming Chinese traditional culture, but also can express basic attitude of us to the world ——“Peace as Beauty”.“Charming China”, Wuhan University art troupe express Chinese “harmonious” culture to all over the world according the form of gorgeous art.(Li Shuang, Rong Fei)