Confucius Institute at Prince of Songkla University Launches New HSK Test

[Source]     [Time]    2010-10-21 14:46:08 

Songkhla, October 17th—the Confucius Institute at Prince of Songkla University successfully held its first new HSK test in 2010. 177 examinees from southern Thailand took the test ranging from levels 3-6. Test affairs such as registration and printing admission tickets were conducted online, which facilitated examinees from other places to go through the process, and helped improve administrative efficiency. Online registration also helped test administrators keep up with the students’ information, so as to update the registration information in time and remove errors as soon as possible.

To help the test proceed smoothly, the institute engaged in careful preparation and advertising. It also invited Thai teachers who have rich experience in test management to work with its Chinese language teachers, so as to ensure the success of the test.

The new HSK test, with reasonable and appropriate questions, focuses on developing and testing examinees’ ability to apply Chinese in practical, real-life situations. Following the test, the students stated that they thought that the new test could provide a more objective indication of their Chinese skills in listening, reading and writing, and that they wished to apply for further study in China based on their HSK results.