Chinese Language Workshop for Diplomatic Envoys to China Launches

[Source]    Division of Communication [Time]    2010-09-20 09:11:47 

September 18th, 2010—an opening ceremony for the second Chinese language workshop for diplomatic envoys to China was held by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters. Mr. Hao Ping, Deputy Minister of Education, attended and addressed the event. 56 envoys from 26 foreign embassies will begin a series of 10 week courses to learn the Chinese language and experience Chinese culture.

The workshop consisted of 4 classes with 2 levels: basic and intermediate. The basic course mainly dealt with daily conversations such as greetings, asking for the time and date, shopping, etc. The intermediate course focused on learning more complex expressions, such as talking about an incident, dealing with routine tasks and expressing emotions. In addition, appreciation of Kun Opera, basic knowledge and skill of Chinese calligraphy and paintings were also arranged for the trainees during their cultural courses.


Ms. Xu Lin, Director General of Hanban and General Director of the Confucius Institutes Headquarters, said that to help the envoys learn Chinese language, Hanban would develop textbooks and exercise materials and offer online courses at the Confucius Institute's website. It will also invite experienced teachers to give lessons, and select more than 50 excellent student volunteers to give one-to-one remedial instruction for the trainees to help them apply what they have learned.

Hanban/the Confucius Institute Headquarters hosted the first Chinese workshop in June. 31 trainees from 16 embassies have acquired basic oral skills in Chinese language after 17 weeks of learning. Additionally, another 13 embassies have signed up for the second basic class.

The Slovenian Ambassador to China Ms. Marija Adanja, who has taken the first class and will participate in the second one, stated that she was grateful to the Chinese government and Hanban for providing this learning opportunity. Hanban has sent its foremost teachers to help the envoys learn about Chinese culture.