5 Years of Service of Providing Standard Putonghua Education in Malaysia by Confucius Institute at Shanghai Jiaotong University-Global Hanyu & Culture Center

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About the Center

Malaysia is a multi-racial, multicultural country with a population of 27 million people. Malays, Chinese and Indians are the major racial groups, comprising 55%, 25% and 10% of the population. Out of the 5.5 million Chinese, some 18% do not speak nor write the Chinese language. A large majority of Chinese is immersed in a complete Chinese language as mother tongue education and cultural system which has been in existence for 185 years. Malays, Indians, non-Chinese speaking Chinese and some other indigenous groups are the target groups for the Hanyu Education market. For Chinese speaking Chinese, the need is for upgrade from Huayu to Standard Putonghua.


Started March 2006, SJTU-GHCC is an organization in Malaysia providing Standard Putonghua training & promotion of Chinese Culture. SJTU-GHCC is collaboration between Malaysia’s GEM Group and Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s School of International Education. SJTU-GHCC is the Confucius Institute in Kuala Lumpur sanctioned by The International Council for the Promotion of Hanyu (Hanban) of the People’s Republic of China.

The GEM Group is an Asian educational Group with campuses in Malaysia and Suzhou China. Co-founders of The GEM Group include former Chairman of Motorola China PY Lai and Director and Ms Foong Wai Fong (Jiu Ling) Of Megatrends Asia. The SJTU-GHCC team is staffed with experienced teachers from China and Malaysia.

SJTU-GHCC also has its own dedicated teaching center at the Dushu Lake Higher Education Park in partnership with the GEM Group. This Center is used to host foreign students who desired Chinese language and culture immersion program in China.

During this period, SJTU-GHCC has provided Mandarin training to over 3000 learners from Malaysia, US, Europe and Australasia. The Center has recruited over 100 young people to dedicate themselves to Chinese Language and Culture undergraduate education in China. Developing localized multimedia learning material is a key focus of our effort to help foreigners to effectively master the Chinese Language.

Training A New Generation of Teachers


We provide short courses of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced for teachers training in Malaysia. 5 intakes of teachers have taken place and a total of 250 teachers have received training.

In addition, SJTU-GHCC has provided in-house teachers training to 250 teachers for various Chinese primary schools. Zhengyin Enhancement Programs are also provided.


Effective 2008, we started our first intake of preparatory program for undergraduate training, giving Malaysia students the opportunity to take an undergraduate degree leading to Bachelor of Arts with Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Recruitment promotions to over 25,000 teachers, students and parents via talks by our directors to over 10 locations in Malaysia. Exposure and promotion to 100 schools have taken place between Augusts to November 2008. We also maintain a Facebook group for our alumni and a blog for Study in China.


We have developed a network and continue to Promote among the better Malaysian students to take up Chinese Language and Culture in their undergraduate studies. SJTU-GHCC is among the few organizations outside China that sends large number of foreign students to China for undergraduate program. Our TCSL program in Shanghai has more than 100 students from Malaysia.

Study in China Website and blog SJTU-GHCC website: www.globalhanyu.com SJTU-GHCC blog: sjtu-ghcc.blogspot.com

Promoting Chinese Language & Culture

Various cultural activities were held throughout this period.

Some of the highlights include: 1. Chinese Cinema Centennial Film Festival – 100 movies from the last 100 years were screened in 20 locations throughout Malaysia. This event was held to commemorate the 15 anniversary of the founding of ASEAN-CHINA partnership dialogue. 2. CHINA NOW Documentary Film Festival – 8 Documentary Movies were screened in 10 locations throughout Malaysia. This event was held to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the founding of Malaysia-China Relations. 4. Nihao Malaixiya China Exploratorium: Experience China with High Technology was held in key locations in Malaysia to showcase contemporary China via high technology. 5. Live Telecast of the opening of the Beijing Olympics – about 1000 people gathered at SJTU-GHCC to watch live the opening of the Beijing Olympics. 6. Chinese New Year Spring Festival Party – this is held every spring festival.


Mandarin Proficiency for Effective Communication:

Foundation Hanyu for Effective Communication is the main offering. We now offer the whole range of Foundation 1 to 6, 50 hours each and all lead to the New HSK Exam. We also offered the GWC learning system to the students for them to supplement their learning at home via online in addition to the face to face lessons. In spite the heavy cost of recruitment and turnover; this area remains the most important segment where we recruit from the open market.

Other short courses

We have conducted 4 main types of other short courses mainly for Teaching Chinese as Second Language:

i) TCSL Teachers Training Course

ii) How to teach TCSL with fun

iii) Practice of Standard Putonghua

iv) Great Wall Chinese Teaching Methodology

Study in China & One Semester in China : Our flagship Close up on the New China Program

Since 2005, GHCC conducts a regular STUDY IN CHINA IMMERSION PROGRAM called the CLOSE UP ON THE NEW CHINA. This is a credit earning program is available for MBA, EMBA, and SPECIAL GROUPS and for SUMMER CAMPS Hanyu Studies. SJTU-GHCC conducts the Hanyu portion of the program. Since 2005, the following groups of 600 students have attended this immensely well-received program.


• University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business, USA

• Dartmouth College, USA

• Barry University, USA

• Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

• Massey University, New Zealand

• Dow Chemicals, USA

• The One Academy,


•Kasetsart University Laboratory School, Thailand

•Peter N Jane Kindergarten, Malaysia


We provide special Hanyu training to foreign students spending one semester In China. SKEMA/CERAM: The business school from France has an exchanged Program with Global Institute of Software Engineering (GIST) which contracts SJTU-GHCC to provide 100 hours of Hanyu & Culture courses to their students in China.


The Confucius Institute Malaysia @ Shanghai Jiao Tong University – Global Hanyu & Culture Center Is the test center fort New HSK Test. The first test was conducted on 31 May 2009 In this pilot test, a total of 70 students participated in the Level 1 (27) and Level 2 (43) HSK Test. These 66 students comprise Malaysians, Koreans, Swiss, Indonesian and French. Students are enthusiastic to know their progress and enquired to participate in tests for advanced levels. 95% of the participants are students with the SJTU-GHCC. SJTU-GHCC achieved very good results for the test.

Let’s Speak Mandarin Multi-media Learning Tool.

Our faculty developed a special communication-oriented multimedia Hanyu Learning tool especially for foreigners. The material focuses on practical communication language; Level 1 is designed around the more frequently encountered 25 situations. This learning tool comes in a set of textbook, workbook, MP3 and Video clips. This material also contained colorful photos and narration of contemporary China. SJTU will be developing this complete package for 6 levels – which will help students to master up to 1500 Chinese Characters. Let’s Speak Mandarin is the designated learning material for our students.

Publishing Let’s Speak Mandarin Level 1 SJTU-GHCC successfully published Let’s Speak Mandarin textbook, workbook, video and MP3.

Air Asia Mandarin Language Primer

Since 2008, we have been provided Hanyu Language primer to Air Asia, the leading budget airline in Asia. Air Asia flies to many destinations in China and around the world, it now has 80 planes and serves 82 million guests a year. In their monthly in-flight magazine 3Sixty, we contribute the language Primer and help readers to master important language tips useful to their Travel in China. Air Asia flies to 6 destinations in China nonstop from Kuala Lumpur; Tianjin, Hangzhou, Haikou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu.

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