Thai Confucius Institute at Prince of Songkla University Hosts an Exhibition on Chinese Books and Chinese Culture

[Source]    Division of Confucius Institute Affairs [Time]    2010-08-30 17:35:28 

The Confucius Institute at Prince of Songkla University hosted a series of Chinese language and culture activities, such as a Chinese book exhibition, a Chinese cultural experience activity and a Chinese language demonstration class during the open week events of the university between August 17th and 20th. The colorful activities have attracted a great many primary and secondary students from southern Thailand, overseas Chinese people as well as foreign friends.

During the open week the university suspended all classes, and colleges hosted various educational, cultural and culinary exhibitions. The Confucius Institute at Prince of Songkla University made careful preparations for its activities: the exhibition hall was ornamented with red lanterns and Chinese knots, Chinese teachers dressed up in Cheongsams, a huge eye catching poster emblazoned with the words “Chinese Book Exhibition” adorned the wall and a video facility displayed a Chinese Wushu video, the entire exhibition hall was imbued with a Chinese cultural atmosphere. The books on display, including Chinese teaching and tutorial materials, video products and Chinese reading materials aroused visitors’ curiosity and many volumes were sold out.

The Chinese language demonstration class was a 20 minute Chinese tutorial for student visitors. Chinese teachers taught lessons with the use of interesting and vivid videos, students were enthused.

The various activities offered Chinese learners in southern Thailand a sound Chinese language and cultural learning opportunity and boosted connections between schools, overseas Chinese people and the people of Thailand.