Thai Confucius Classroom at Traimit Wittayalai High School Celebrates 5th Anniversary

[Source]    Division of Confucius Institute Affairs [Time]    2010-08-23 10:20:51 

Bangkok, August 17th – Lv Jian, Chargés d affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, participated in the celebration for the 5th Anniversary of the Confucius Classroom at Traimit Wittayalai High School.

Chargés d affaires Lv Jian stated that the Confucius Classroom at Traimit Wittayalai High School, as the world’s first Confucius Classroom, has carried out various Chinese cultural activities, such as the Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition, the compilation of the “Happy China Tour” textbooks as well as offering Chinese cultural curricula which have started a new era in the teaching of Chinese and Sino-Thai cultural exchange. Confucianism has great influence on China and the world; the Confucius Institute and Confucius Classroom have become a cultural brand of China as well as being messengers linking the cultural exchanges between China and the world. The unveiling ceremony for the Confucius bronze statue is of special significance. Lv Jian also expressed the hope that the Confucius Classroom would make full use of its merits to become a pioneer in the dissemination of Chinese culture.

Chargés d affaires Lv Jian, Ms. Narisara Chavaltanpipat, Deputy Education Minister of Thailand, and Zhang Xiangyang, Deputy Director of Education Commission of Chinese Tianjin Municipality, unveiled the bronze statue and attended the launch ceremony for the two books commemorating the 5th Anniversary of the Confucius Classroom: On the Common Enterprise and Master Zhaokun Thongchai & Tianjin and the launch ceremony of the “Happy China Tour” Chinese teaching website.