Thai Confucius Institute at Prince of Songkla University Hosts a Chinese Teaching & Learning Seminar for Kindergartens, Primary & Middle Schools Teachers in Southern Thailand

[Source]    Division of Confucius Institute Affairs [Time]    2010-08-23 15:38:40 

Songkla, August 7th – the Confucius Institute at Prince of Songkla University held the 4th Southern Thailand Chinese Teaching & Learning Seminar for kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers. Over 60 local Chinese teachers from 36 schools within 10 provinces in southern Thailand, as well as more than 20 teachers and volunteers from Confucius Institutes attended the seminar.

Ma Zhi, the Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, extended appreciations to Prince of Songkla University and the Chinese Education Center for their support and help. He also thanked local Chinese teachers for their great efforts in Chinese teaching and learning.

Afterwards, teacher Mao Aizhen from a Chinese Guangxi kindergarten gave a lecture entitled “Happy Chinese Character Learning”, enabling other teachers to experience the fun of Chinese character acquisition by sharing her own teaching experience and elaborating on the Chinese teaching process via video. Mdm. Huang Huixin, a Chinese teacher from a middle school in Songkla, summarized her own teaching experience and introduced some effective teaching methods. Jiang Guorong, a Chinese teacher from Chinese Guangxi shared her own personal Chinese teaching strategy, such as: the “proofreading activities”, the “3-mins pre-class warm-up exercise” and the “alternating textbook reading” which is intended to improve students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. These methods will contribute to local Chinese teaching, and give Chinese teachers new ways to structure their classes. .

The seminar has offered an effective way to boost the development of Chinese teaching and learning and an opportunity for local Chinese teachers to develop their teaching skills.