Charming Chinese, Splendid Expo: The Curtain Descends Upon the 9th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students

[Soure]    Division of Communication [Time]    2010-08-16 10:21:01 

The Hanban sponsored final competition for the 9th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students concluded on the evening of August 8 in southern China’s city of Changsha. British contestant Steward Johnson (Chinese name as Jiang Sizhe), swept up the championship, the title of “Chinese Language Ambassador” and the “Chinese Bridge” scholarship.

Important guests including Xu Jialu, former Vice Chairman of the Chinese NPC Standing Committee, Xu Shousheng, Deputy Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee Acting Governor of Hunan Province, Xu Lin, Chinese State Council Consultant and Director General of Hanban, Lu Jianping, Member of Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial Committee and Head of Department of Publicity for the Provincial Party Committee, Xiao Yayu, Deputy Director of Standing Committee of Hunan Province and Guo Kailang, Deputy Governor of Hunan watched the competition and presented winners with prizes.

Xu Jialu concluded that this year’s Chinese bridge competition was: lovely, in some ways wistful and also brought hope. He said that each contestant is lovely and has performed well, however there was only one special award. He sighed, saying that Chinese is recognized as the world’s most difficult language, but these contestants have learned it very well. In particular, during the Chinese dramatic performance, he was deeply impressed by contestants’ efforts. Xu at the same time hopes that the Chinese bridge can boost communication and exchange between China and the whole world and that all countries will strengthen communications in order to eliminate wars and sacrifice, and maintain love and peace. He also hopes that contestants possess a global vision and set of expectations, and that they make great efforts to become ambassadors of friendship and world peace.

Debate Competition

Following on from the Chinese concept of Tuanyuan (reunion) as its starting point, the final competition placed emphasis on the theme “a family is a small world & the world is a big family” through developing interactions among contestants, Chinese families and foreign families.

The final competition consisted of two rounds, judges gave scores after each round and the total scores of the two rounds were added up to make contestants’ final scores. The first round was a debate competition, six contestants were divided into two teams, a Brit named Stewart Johnson and two other contestants expressed the notion whilst Vietnam’s THIEN TU TRAN and her two teammates offered an argument against it. The two teams carried out an animated debate on the argument “modern technology brings us closer” or “modern technology sets us apart”. Stewart Johnson won the highest scores in this competition.

The Story of Hua Mulan 

The Second round was a Chinese Drama competition. The six contestants were divided into 3 groups with pairs of contestants making up each group performing Chinese classical stories: contestant NINA DEMCHENKO (Chinese name Wang Xiaoni) and SID GULINCK (Chinese name Sai De) staged the melancholic Dream of the Red Chamber, Stewart Johnson and VICTOR FLORE (Chinese name Wei Ke) performed the extraordinary ‘Hero’ in a humorous way and THIEN TU TRAN and LIAM ROBERT BATES (Chinese name Li Mu) costarred in the tear-jerking Hua Mulan. The audience was most certainly entertained and deeply impressed by the contestants’ performance.

After fierce competition, the Russian contestant NINA DEMCHENKO, the Belgian Contestant SID GULINCK, the American contestant VICTOR FLOREZ, the Vietnamese contestant THIEN TU TRAN and the Canadian contestant LIAM ROBERT BATES won the first place prizes. The other 6 contestants failing to enter the final six shared the second place prize. In addition, THIEN TU TRAN and MIKHAIL (Chinese name Bao Er) also won additional individual awards including the award for most eloquent, the award for best style and the award for most popular online.

The “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students is an international Chinese proficiency competition sponsored by Hanban each year. The competition aims to stimulate foreign students’ initiative in Chinese learning and to boost the world’s understanding of Chinese language and culture. Since 2002, the Chinese Bridge has been held on 9 occasions, 812 foreign college students from over 60 countries have participated in the semi-finals and final competitions and about 70,000 people have attended the preliminary rounds worldwide. The “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students has built up a bridge for experience sharing and friendship building among the world’s Chinese learners and has created a brand new platform for the promotion of Chinese language and culture.