The Opening Ceremony for the 2010 Chinese-Test Summer Camp Commences

[Source]    Division of Testing [Time]    2010-08-04 13:42:08 

Beijing, August 2nd--The Opening Ceremony for the Hanban sponsored 2010 Chinese-Test Summer Camp was held at Hanban on August 2nd 2010. Hanban Deputy Director Hu Zhipin warmly welcomed over 300 teachers and students hailing from 17 countries such as the US, Russia, South Korea, Thailand etc and fondly expressed his hopes for students. A student representative expressed her pleasure and said that she would cherish the opportunity to broaden her horizons and continue to study hard.

Deputy Director Hu Zhiping exclaimed, during the opening ceremony that he was most glad to see the healthy, vigorous and lively students. It was Chinese that had brought students together from all over the world. Language is a key to open the world of cultures and it is a precious experience for students to come to China to learn Chinese language and culture. Hanban and Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College made careful preparations and arrangements for camp members in order to help improve their Chinese proficiency, boost their understanding of Chinese traditional culture and modern China and get in touch with Chinese young people. By making friends with the young people of China, camp members will be able to feel the vitality and vigor of their Chinese counterparts. Finally, Deputy Director Hu Zhiping wished that camp members enjoy a healthy, happy and educational trip in China.

Camp members from all over the world will be able to study Chinese and experience China’s cultural and scientific achievements through visits to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, China Science and Technology Museum, etc.