"Experiencing China" Activity Takes Place at the Confucius Institute of Keimyung University

[Source]    Division of Confucius Institute Affairs [Time]    2010-07-07 16:26:55 

Posing for a picture with Jin Binghua (pinyin), Deputy Schoolmaster of Shengguang(pinyin) High School in Daegu

South Korea, June, 19th, 2010 – At the invitation of Shengguang(pinyin) High School in Daegu, the Confucius Institute of Keimyung University presented an event entitled “Experiencing China” to students.

The event included 4 sessions: a violin performance of Chinese songs, a traditional Chinese musical sihulu performance, Chinese songs and Kung Fu study. Audiences were engrossed by classical Chinese folk songs, such as “Fisherman's Song”, “Butterfly Lover” and “The Joy of Spring”, as well as sihulu music, “Deep Bamboo Forest” and “There is a beautiful place”. They were greatly impressed by the song “Three Bears” sung in Chinese. In addition, many Kung Fu lovers were fascinated by the Kong Fu performance. Under the guidance of Kung Fu teacher, they learned basic skills of the sword and the Five Step Fist.

After the event students rushed to pose for pictures with teachers that had attended the event. They also hoped for more chances to watch performances and to know more about China. On behalf of the school, Jin Binghua, deputy schoolmaster expressed his appreciation to the Confucius Institute for organizing the event.

(Contributed by the Confucius Institute of Keimyung University)

Singing Chinese songs during the course

Enthusiastic students answering questions

Learning Chinese Kong Fu