Minister Counselor Zhu Xiaoyu Holds a lecture on Chinese Higher Education in the Confucius Institute at Paris 7 Denis-Diderot University

[Source]    Nouvelles d'Europe [Time]    2010-07-07 13:41:29 

At the Lecture Site (Photo by Huang Guanjie)

On the afternoon of June 23rd, Minister Counselor Zhu Xiaoyu from the Education Division of Chinese Embassy in France was invited by the Confucius Institute at Paris 7 Denis-Diderot University to give a lecture on Chinese higher education.

The lecture was chaired by An Shaokang, director of the Confucius Institute. Students from the Confucius Institute, the Director and teachers from the Chinese department of Paris 7 Denis-Diderot University as well as undergraduate students took part in the lecture and all of the seats at the lecture site were occupied.

During the lecture lasting roughly 1 hour, Minister Counselor Zhu Xiaoyu elaborated upon the development of Chinese higher education over the last 10 years and explained the current climate and strategic development and goals of Chinese higher education for the next 10 years, incorporating slides and abundant data in his presentation.

During the interaction students raised some questions about the policies of Chinese university entrance examination, the education administration system and issues regarding study in China, Minister Counselor Zhu answered all these questions patiently; the lecture site was imbued with a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.

The lecture was warmly welcomed by students; they indicated that the lecture had improved their understanding of the Chinese education system.

According to Prof. An Shaokang, during the Confucius Institute's annual board meeting held in the beginning of July, Li Qingquan, Vice President of China's Wuhan University, Frédéric Ogée, Vice President of the Paris 7 Denis-Diderot University, both Chinese and French directors of the Confucius Institute and the director of the college of international students of Wuhan university and some relevant school leaders summed up their work in the previous year, highly praising the Confucius Institute's efforts in widening its collaboration with outside organizations and being innovative in the face of new challenges. Also, the two sides are confident about the Confucius Institute's future. Director An said, the Confucius Institute and the Chinese department are working closely to build up a cooperative framework and support each other on a mutually beneficial basis.