The Confucius Institute at the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) Holds Conference for the Improvement of Chinese Teaching

[Source]    Xinhuanet [Time]    2010-07-05 09:31:37 

The seventh annual Chinese Teaching Conference kicked off at the Confucius Institute at the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT). The 2-day conference brought together over 100 school directors and outstanding Chinese teachers for discussion on the matter of further improving Chinese teaching in primary and secondary schools.

Madame Elizabeth Reid, Chief Executive of SSAT said that China is day by day playing an increasingly important international role in the economic arena. This highlights the importance of studying Chinese and possessing an understanding of China for British students. The Chinese Teaching Conference provided a chance for outstanding teachers to communicate with one another and share their experience so as to further improve their teaching abilities.

In keeping with its schedule, the Chinese Teaching Conference involved several aspects, including: methods for beginners to learn Chinese characters, means for motivation of students in learning Chinese characters, how to guide students in oral Chinese practice, integration of Chinese historical information with Chinese language teaching, Chinese teaching skills and teaching management in Chinese courses.

During the conference, Director-General of Hanban stated that Chinese promotion has made significant progress in Britain. At present there is a total of 12 Confucius Institutes and there are dozens of Confucius Classrooms established in Britain, yet Chinese teaching is set to extend even further. Madame Xu Lin stated that Hanban will continue to support Chinese teaching in the UK and support cultural exchange between the two countries.

The Confucius Institute at the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) became the first schools-based Confucius Institute in the world in October 2006. The SSAT Confucius Institute and Confucius Classroom work in partnership with Hanban and Peking University to offer facilities for promotion of the teaching and learning of Mandarin Chinese and the study of China in a large number of schools across the country. Due to its outstanding achievement, the SSAT Confucius Institute won the laurel of Confucius Institute of the Year 2008 and 2009 successively.