Hanban Launches US Volunteer Chinese Teachers Training Workshop

[Source]    Division of New Initiatives and International Exchanges [Time]    2010-07-05 16:55:32 

Between June 17th and July 16th, Hanban launched a training workshop for 133 volunteer Chinese teachers hailing from 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities who will head for the US.

Based on an analysis of the work of former volunteer Chinese teachers in the US, the training workshop emphasized that its objective was to cultivate teachers’ abilities regarding class management, schooling and cross cultural communications. Attention was paid to teachers’ capacity for incorporating psychological methods in forging Chinese language, and cultural dissemination. Combining real world situations, a number of prestigious experts from home and abroad, including Dr. Liu Jun from the University of Arizona, Prof. Liu Yuening from Columbia University, Ms. Selena Cantor, Director of Chinese Language and Culture Project of the US College Board, Mr. Ryan Wertz, Consultant of World Languages at Ohio State Education Administration, Ms. Debbie Hefferon, an expert in cross cultural adaption, Dr. Xu Xiaoyong from the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Prof. Liu Guanghui from Beijing Language and Culture University and Prof. Lv Shaojun from the National and Folk Martial Arts Research Center of the College of Martial Arts of Beijing Sport University delivered vivid and interactive lectures related to volunteer work, daily life and cross cultural communication. A number of former outstanding volunteer Chinese teachers were invited to the training workshop in order to exchange stories of their life and work experience and to offer practical and detailed guidance to future teachers.

Participating volunteer Chinese teachers also attended various training programs about Chinese cultural skills including paper cut, calligraphy, folk dance and basic martial arts, so as to build up solid foundation for their future work of promoting Chinese culture.

During the training workshop, Peter Negroni, Senior Vice President and James Montoya, Vice President of the College Board met with participants and encouraged them to go all out in becoming ‘folk ambassadors’ of Chinese language and culture promotion.

Volunteer Chinese teachers will leave for the LA Campus of the University of California after passing the final test; they will attend another 9 day pre-service training program in LA. After the training they will begin the one year service period in different states of the US.

Since 2006, Hanban has worked with the College Board to dispatch Volunteer Chinese teachers to the US with 430 successful cases. Roughly 70,000 American students have learned about Chinese language and culture thanks to the International Volunteer Chinese Teachers program.

By: Zhou Zhichang