The Confucius Institute in Liege Holds “Taking in Talent” Calligraphy Exhibition

[Source]    Division of Confucius Institute Affairs [Time]    2010-07-02 15:11:35 

Belgium, June, 29th, 2010 – After elaborate preparations, the Confucius Institute in Liege held a “Taking in Talent” calligraphy exhibition for the commencing of the 2010 calligraphy course to be held at the institute of Lemonier Hall. The event was organized by Mr. Li Yi, a calligraphy teacher from the institute. All works of the 2010 calligraphy course were showcased on a “Chinese Door” which was open on 4 sides for the general public to see.

In the afternoon, as soon as the “Chinese Door” was setup, it was attracting a great deal of attention from passersby. Some guests invited by the institute were present at the ceremony. Soon Lemonier Hall was full of visitors. At 6 pm, the 2010 calligraphy courses commenced. Wang Peng, Chinese Director of the institute addressed those present at the opening ceremony. He introduced the distinctive position taken by Chinese calligraphy in Chinese culture and illustrated the philosophical reasoning of the door in this activity. In addition, he expressed his appreciation for those who love Chinese culture and support the development of the institute. His address conveyed his wishes to bring more talents into the institute.

The event was fully supported by Mr. Annaer(pinyin), a well known statesman and director of Lemonier district. Most of the practicing Chinese calligraphers in Liege also participated in the event. Attracted by the “China Door”, visitors held discussions about the art of Chinese calligraphy and the working state of the Confucius Institute. At 10 pm with the lights on, the visitors seemed to reluctant to leave.

A “Chinese Door” showcasing students’ calligraphic works

At the site

Chinese Director Wang Peng posing for a picture with a public

The calligraphy, which will last for 3 weeks, aims to showcase the artistic talent of students from the institute and reveals the open-minded and friendly attitude of the institute to people from worldwide. The event is a strong promotion for the institute to take the next enrollment. It also plays an active role to expand the influence of the institute in Liege.