The Confucius Classroom at Suankularb Wittayalai School Holds a Celebration to Mark the Dragon Boat Festival

[Source]    Division of Confucius Institute Affairs [Time]    2010-07-02 11:15:26 

Thailand, June, 15th, 2010 – Over 100 people including school directors, teachers and students of the Chinese course and parents gathered at the Confucius Classroom at Suankularb Wittayalai School to celebrate China’s traditional Dragon Boat Festival.

With the scent of chrysanthemum tea wafting through the classroom, there were various rice dumplings available. The classroom was decorated with a piece of calligraphy with the characters “Qing Duanwu” (pinyin). A graceful strain of pipa music resonated in ears. Some student made posters about the festival and the poet Qu Yuan gained the attention of teachers and students.

In order to celebrate the festival, students rehearsed a short drama called “Qu Yuan” an introduction on the convoluted life experiences of Qu Yuan. Their performance garnered warm rounds of applause from the audience. They then watched a slide show on the Dragon Boat festival and a television episode called “Qu Yuan” as a group. Enlightened by teachers, many students appeared to know much about the origins, customs and changes of the festival. In addition to knowing about customs such as eating rice dumplings and dragon boat racing; they began to understand some unique customs, such as a wearing sachet, hanging wormwood, drinking realgar wine and cooking a dish named “Chao Wu Du”.

A student from the compulsory Chinese course named Huang Liwen (pinyin) said that he had heard about the festival. He was interested to take part in the activities and had learned a lot from watching the performances and eating rice dumplings. After the activity, teachers and volunteers of the Confucius Classroom sent rice dumplings to each teaching group so that teachers could have an experience of the Dragon Boat festival.