The Confucius classroom at Nawmintarachinuthid Horwang School Nonthaburi Holds a Celebration to Mark the Dragon Boat Festival

[Source]    Division of Confucius Institute Affairs [Time]    2010-07-02 14:33:28 

Thailand, June, 15th, 2010 – In order to celebrate the arrival of China’s traditional Dragon Boat Festival and to introduce the festival to more Thai teachers and students, the Confucius classroom at Nawmintarachinuthid Horwang School Nonthaburi held a series of celebrations named “Entering Dragon Boat Festival”, which was well received by both teachers and students.

The celebration consisted of 2 sections, including a rice dumpling making session and a photographic exhibition. This day is traditionally celebrated by the eating of rice dumplings. Teachers of the classroom prepared all materials for making the rice dumplings beforehand students, they showed good practical skills. Some parents were also invited to guide the activity. The school directors, teachers and students were all involved in the activity. The China Exploratorium and teaching resources provided by Hanban were favorable to the energy of the dynamic activity. The rice dumplings were a token of appreciation from the classroom to the teaching staff as an expression of their support to work of the Confucius Classroom. Prior to the activity, students were imparted with a basic understanding of the origins and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival via the internet. During the photographic exhibition students showcased their understanding through their works. The school master selected outstanding works and gave awards such as rice dumpling and Chinese knots to winners. The activity helped students to gain deeper understanding of Chinese culture through personal experience and contemplation.