Thai Confucius Classroom at Assumption Commercial College Launches the Preliminary Round for the 3rd “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students

[Source]    Division of Confucius Institute Affairs [Time]    2010-07-02 14:59:28 

“The years have dissipated the Spring & Autumn and the Warring States Periods with untold dust sent skyward. The prosperous streets of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period have been obscured. They have faded away and what remains are the great and profound language and culture of China.” facing his fellow teachers and students from 13 middle schools in Bangkok, candidate Zhou Yian, a student of the Confucius Classroom at Assumption Commercial College’s animatedly expressed his enthusiasm for Chinese, pleasant Chinese learning experiences and a yearning for China on the speech competition stage.

On June 24th, the preliminary round for the 3rd “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students was unveiled through the careful preparation of the Confucius Classroom at Assumption Commercial College. The competition consisted of a theme speech competition and an artistic talent show. Focusing on the theme of Fun with Chinese, Growing with Vigor, the competition enabled candidates to showcase their pleasure taken from their Chinese learning experience and has further stimulated their enthusiasm for learning Chinese.

The competition was fierce and exciting, the children’s story about their Chinese learning experience touched the audience’s hearts, all realizing that Chinese is not only a window for learning about China, but it is also a means for bringing joy to and every learner. During the artistic talent show, the Chinese folk dance was elegant, the tai chi chuan performance combined toughness with tenderness, the soul-touching Chinese song lingered over the competition site and adept Chinese folk musical instrument skills won stunning applause from the audience.

The outcome of the contest is that four candidates have been entered the semi final competition. The competition has comprehensively showcased the education achievements of the Confucius Classroom, boosted exchanges between schools and reflected Thai students’ enthusiasm for learning Chinese; it has become a bridge connecting Sino-Thai friendship.