The International Chinese Teaching & Learning Resources Exhibition
The 10th International Seminar of Chinese Language Teaching

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To all concerned:

To meet the development requirements of worldwide Chinese education as well as its international promotion, the 10th International Seminar of Teaching Chinese Language will be held through the joint efforts of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching and Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters in Shenyang, China from August 18th to 20th, 2010. The conference will center on new teaching materials and teaching strategies. Over 400 people, including experts and scholars, teachers and international publishing companies hailing from all around the world will participate in the conference. During the conference an international Chinese teaching resources exhibition will be held as undertaken by Wuzhou Chinese Education Technology Company.

Preparatory work for the exhibition is already underway. We sincerely wish to invite related organizations both developing and publishing Chinese teaching resources nationally and internationally to the exhibition. Those interested in the event should carefully read the Note for Exhibitors (see Annex 1), and submit application materials (see Annexes 2,3,4,5) as well as the name and logo of your organization to the following address via fax or e-mail prior to July 16th, 2010.

Contact: Cheng Nan

Tel: 010-82303783 extension 1155


Fax: 010-82303833

Official Site of International Seminar of Teaching Chinese Language:


1. Notes for Exhibitors

2. Booth Reservation Form

3. Registration Form for Participants

4. Exhibit Information Sheet

5. Application Form for New Chinese Teaching Product Presentation

6. Exhibit Hall Floor Plan

7. Download-Invitation Letter

Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters

International Society for Chinese Language Teaching

June 29th, 2010