What are the functions of the Confucius Institute?

[Source]     [Time]    2010-07-02 10:55:03 

The Functions of the Confucius Institute are as follows:

1.Offer Chinese teaching programs to people from all walks of life;

2.Offer Chinese teachers training programs;

3.Organize all kinds of Chinese proficiency tests and Chinese teachers qualification authentication;

4.Provide information and consultation services about Chinese education, culture and economy;

5.Develop study programs about modern China.

In the Period of 2009, Confucius Institutes around the world have opened over 9,000 Chinese programs with a total enrollment of 260,000 people, a 130,000 up in enrollment compared with the previous year. In addition, they have also launched more than 7,500 cultural exchange activities involved a total participation of over 3 million people, doubled the figure of the corresponding period in the previous year.


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