What are the features of the Confucius Institute’s operation?

[Source]     [Time]    2010-07-02 10:52:24 

Since the world’s first Confucius Institute was founded, we have conformed to a Chinese-foreign cooperative pattern in establishing Confucius Institutes and strictly follow the regulations in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Confucius Institutes. The application procedures are as follows: a foreign institute shall firstly submit a voluntary application, and then the two parties, Hanban and the foreign institute, sign a cooperative agreement on the basis of equal consultation. Confucius Institutes implement an administrative system in which the directors of the Confucius Institutes have overall responsibilities under the leadership of the Council of Confucius Institutes; the Council of Confucius Institutes consists of council members from both Chinese and foreign parties. The two parties have equal responsibilities in raising operation funds.

Throughout the process of the establishment and development of Confucius Institutes, we adhere to the principle of the foreign party taking precedence whilst the Chinese party plays the role of providing assistance; meanwhile we request the active support and involvement of local government administrations and all sectors of the society. Currently, there are five cooperative models in establishing Confucius Institutes:

1.A partnership between a Chinese university and a foreign university;

2.A partnership between a Chinese secondary school and a foreign secondary school;

3.A partnership between a foreign nongovernmental organization and a Chinese university;

4.A partnership between a foreign government and the Chinese government;

5.A partnership between an enterprise and a university.


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