Students from Rennes Collège les Ormeaux visited the Confucius Institute

[Source]    Division of Confucius Institute Affairs [Time]    2010-07-01 18:15:57 

18 June, 2010, afternoon, 27 first-year students from Collège les Ormeaux in Rennes came to Brittany to experience the extracurricular Chinese cultural activities in Confucius Institute.

The students first visited the on-going "Shantou Porcelain Exhibition" in the institute. Dean Blaise THIERREE briefly introduced the history of Shantou porcelain and the features of the exhibits. Next, the students came to "Chinese Culture Experience Centre" to experience the profound Chinese culture, where the children learnt about China's geographic features, Chinese cuisine, hundred schools of thought and dramatic art through video and audio clips and pictures. After the visit, they separately joined the three interest groups of paper-cut, calligraphy and I-go.

In the paper-cut group, students got to know about the basic elements and symbolic meanings of the traditional Chinese paper-cut. Then, they worked out the most representative red "Double Happiness" under the teacher's guide. In the calligraphy group, the teacher introduced to the students China's "Four Treasures of Study" and various calligraphy character forms. Excitedly, the students picked up the writing brushes and began with basic strokes, from practicing lines they gradually wrote their first Chinese character, The I-go group was the most popular one to boys. After learning the basic rules, they were in a haste to combat in teams.

The three interest groups brought to the students a profound and meaningful afternoon in the Confucius Institute. The activity not only made them know the diversity of Chinese culture, but accumulated treasury experience for the cooperation between the Confucius Institute and the local schools in the future.

Report by Zhan Yu and Luo Nan