Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute Holds the 2nd Chinese Teachers Training Programme Successfully

[Source]    Division of Confucius Institute Affairs [Time]    2010-07-01 17:57:42 

To further enhance the Chinese teaching quality and to strengthen the development of teacher group in the Denmark region, Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute held the 2nd Chinese teachers training during June 21st - 23rd, 2010, including 3 series of lectures for the Chinese teachers training. Some 30 Chinese teachers from the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, Aalborg University and Denmark's mainstream primary and secondary schools and Chinese schools took part in the training programme.

The training program especially invited two experienced training experts from the Beijing Language and Culture University. It applied a combined mode of expert instruction and in-class discussion to explain, analyze and conduct interactive discussion on the new HSK, language skill test and Chinese grammar teaching.

Starting from introducing the new HSK and YCT sample paper, teacher Cao Wen gave an interesting and detailed introduction to the new HSK and Chinese tests for primary and secondary schools through picture presentation and various modes of lecturing.

Teacher Cao Wen introducing "New HSK"

Taking the language skill test theory into actual test cases, teacher Zhang Li focused on analyzing the sorts, assessment criteria, frequent question types and scoring methods of the Chinese language skill test. In the aid of his abundant teaching experience and research of Chinese grammar teaching, he summarized a set of teaching method in the perspective of pragmatics. Also, he reverted from theory to specific teaching case, solving some difficult and doubtful issues during his teaching and learning process.

Teacher Zhang Li introducing the "Language Skill Test"

After the training, students all expressed that, through this short-period training and communication with the experts, they not only received the latest Chinese teaching information and experience, but further understood the requirement to Chinese teachers under the backdrop of international promotion of Chinese teaching. They hoped more this kind of teaching and training programme can be organized in the Confucius Institute as it is both academically significant and practically useable.

Through this training programme, Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute also strengthens the communication and relationship with the front-line Chinese teachers in Denmark. Albeit a short period of 3-day training, it achieves great result and will play a positive role in promoting Chinese teaching in Denmark.

Trainers with their students

(Contributed by Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute)