Thai Secondary School Pupils' Friendship Summer Camp Set out for China 

[Source]    Division of New Initiatives and International Exchanges [Time]    2010-06-29 16:29:26 

Camp members set off for China.

June 20, 100 members of the Thai Secondary School Pupils Friendship Summer Camp, carrying the profound friendship of the Chinese and Thai people, set out from the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport for Shandong University to attend the 2-week summer camp activities to celebrate the 35 diplomatic relation establishment anniversary between China and to experience the Chinese culture.

Invited by Hanban, the summer camp is co-organized by Hanban representative office to Thailand and the Thai Education Ministry. Shandong University is responsible to receive the group. The camp marks the 35 diplomatic relations between China and Thailand, enhances the friendly exchange between the Chinese and Thai youths and indicates the traditional friendship between the two countries.

Hanban representative office to Thailand and officials with the Fundamental Education Committee of the Thai Education Ministry see the camp off in the airport. According to a programme official of the Fundamental Education Committee of the Thai Education Ministry, the camp is split up into group A and B. Each group consists of 48 pupils and 2 leading teachers. All pupils are carefully selected by the Thai Education Ministry from some 60 key secondary schools in Thailand. They love Chinese language and culture and are eager to experience Chinese culture in China.

The Summer Camp receives ardent reception by Shandong University.

Pang Li, Hanban representative to Bangkok, believes that this camp is certainly a good exchange activity of friendship education and culture experience to both Chinese and Thai youths, and will definitely enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries' youths. Through the visit to China, the Thai youths can actually see and feel China and its development, from which they will understand the importance of learning Chinese language and culture. Moreover, through exchange with their Chinese peers, youths of the two countries will enhance the understanding towards each other and build up stronger friendship to continue the 35 years of China-Thai friendship.

Hanban is responsible for the cost of study, food and accommodation, transportation and activity of the summer camp. Shandong University is familiar with organizing students group as it has received Thai students groups for many times. In addition to organizing the camp members to learn Chinese language and culture, Friendship Summer Camp of this year will be themed on celebrating the 35th anniversary for diplomatic relationship between China and Thailand. In addition, the members will have access to scenic spots like Daming Lake, Baotu Spring, the World Cultural and Natural Heritage of Mt. Taishan and the oriental saint city of Qufu.