"Flavour of Zong Zi, Dancing in Dragon Boat Festival"
Confucius Classroom in Phitsanulok of Thailand Holds Celebration for the Dragon Boat Festival

[Source]    Division of Confucius Institute Affairs [Time]    2010-06-29 14:37:48 

Brimming with the traditional cultural atmosphere in the Enlightening Confucius Classroom in Phitsanulok, the Celebration for the Dragon Boat Festival "Flavour of Zong Zi, Dancing in Dragon Boat Festival" takes place on 14 June.

Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. To enjoy a good Dragon Boat Festival, to know about its splendid significance and to enhance the traditional Chinese culture, the Enlightening Confucius Classroom launches a variety of culture and education activities for the students, e.g., "Colouring Themed Contest on Dragon Boat Festival", "Themed Culture Lecture of Dragon Boat Festival", "Waving Dragon Boat Festival - Improvised Dance Contest", "Interesting FAQ on Dragon Boat Festival" and Zong Zi wrapping activity. 640 students are organized by their different ages and characters to participate in these activities. Ms. PATCHARIN CHEEPTUMRONG, assistant to the deputy director of the Education Bureau in Phitsanulok, and over 80-year-old Li Yousheng, chief supervisor of the Phitsanulok Overseas Chinese, are also invited to the celebration.

In the culture theme class, the students learn the origin and various customs of dragon boat festival, know about the historic figure of Qu Yuan and try to wrap Zong Zi by themselves. They are able answer those questions for the raw materials of Zong Zi like "peanut", "red date" and "mushroom" in fluent Chinese and draw the colour of Dragon Boat Festival with their pens. In the "Interesting FAQ" contest, secondary school pupils team up to compete which bring the activity to reach a climax. In the afternoon, Ms. PATCHARIN CHEEPTUMRONG and Mr. Li Yousheng join the students to wrap Zong Zi. Ms. PATCHARIN CHEEPTUMRONG said, "It's my first time to wrap a Zong Zi. It's amazing to do it and the Zong Zi is so delicious. It's a good thing to have such activities in the school and I will come back next time."