The Confucius Institute of Bulacan State University in the Philippines Holds a Dragon Boat Festival Activity 
"35 Years of China-Philippines Friendship -A Dragon Boat Festival Celebration for Lasting Friendship"

[Source]    Dean’s Office [Time]    2010-06-29 15:25:22 

This year China's annual traditional Dragon Boat Festival also fell on the advent of the 112th anniversary of Philippines independence. In order to strengthen friendship and cultural exchanges between the two countries; the Confucius Institute held a ceremony at Nayong Pilipino Museum in the famous city of Clarke in the Philippines on the 11th of June. Over 40 people, including leaders of Bulacan State University, staff of the Confucius Institute, teachers, a section of students and the museum's staff attended the activity.

The Confucius Institute brought with it a finely made "Chinese Dragon" which was the handiwork students and symbolizes China and is also a symbol of the Dragon Boat Festival. Teachers from the Chinese contingency of the institute gave an introduction on the customs of China's Dragon Boat Festival, the tradition of dragon boat racing and the story of Qu Yuan. They also taught Filipino friends how to say "Zongzi", "Dragon Boat Race" and "Dragon Boat Festival" in Chinese. The Filipinos showed teachers around local tribal homes and the National Hero's Square as well as telling them about the fantastic history of the Philippines'.

This activity has improved exchanges and friendship between the two countries' people. All were aware that their two countries are both Asian and that there are many similarities in culture and traditions. The broad platform of the Confucius Institute will develop the friendship of the two countries' peoples and increase cultural exchanges. Everyone that was present wishes to get together again for the next Dragon Boat Festival.