Inauguration Ceremony of the 2010 Confucius Institutes Volunteers Training Course Kicks off

[Source]    Volunteer Center [Time]    2010-06-29 14:30:20 

The inauguration ceremony of the 2010 Confucius Institutes volunteers training course of Hanban was kicked off in Beijing Normal University in the morning of 26 June.

This training is co-held by Beijing Normal University, Beijing Language and Culture University and the senior teacher training center of the Capital Normal University. A total of 370 volunteers from all over the country will receive a 3-month training. Universities that provide the training will design targeted curriculum on the basis of Hanban's unified training syllabus to collectively intensify the training.

The inauguration ceremony is held by Zhang Hesheng, Executive Dean of the College of Chinese Language and Culture of Beijing Normal University with present guests including, Mr. Xu Jialu, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 9th and 10th National People's Congress and president of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching, Ma Jianfei, Deputy Director of Hanban, Cui Xiliang, President of Beijing Language and Culture University, Zhang Xue, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Capital Normal University, and Hao Fanghua, Vice-President of Beijing Normal University. Guests present and teacher and student representatives make their respective speeches.

Speech by Mr. Xu Jialu wins thunderous applause and expresses a senior scholar's inculcation and profound expectation towards the younger generation. Mr. Xu uses the phrases of "being born in a proper time" and "shouldering the proper responsibilities" to describe the opportunities and responsibilities presented by the time. He wishes all students to grow into talents with global citizen consciousness and international view, not only to know their own cultures, but to respect other cultures and wishes them all to learn and use cross-cultural communication to improve the country's development and the world's peace.

Ma Jianfei, Deputy Director of Hanban, introduces about the training in his speech and made it known to all the prosperous development of the Chinese language education career in the world. On behalf of Hanban, he raised three requirements to the students: A. nurturing the volunteer spirits of being willing to devote, good at teaching and brave to shoulder; B. studying carefully and modestly to grasp practical techniques; C. abiding by the training disciplines.

After the training, these volunteers will be dispatched to teach in 112 Confucius Institutes in 50 countries.