Xu lin: Every Chinese Language Volunteer is a Fountain of Knowledge

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  • [发表时间]    2010-06-28 10:14:28 

Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters, which is committed to spreading the Chinese language and culture and promoting the friendships and cooperation between China and other countries around the world, was chosen as one of the most influential Chinese organizations in the field of public affairs by more than ten outstanding domestic and foreign media outlets and organizations at the 2009-2010 You Bring Charm to the World Awards Ceremony.

On the night of March 27th, the 2009-2010 You Bring Charm to the World Awards Ceremony for 2009-2010 World’s Most Influential Chinese People was held in the Peking University Hall. Chen Xiangmei, Lu Yan, Pan Wenshi, Wu Yusen, Cai Guoqiang, Xue Lai, Lin Chenyang, Li Xianji and representatives of Chinese figure skating team, Chinese female short track speed skating team, Chinese peace-keeping forces in Haiti, and the Confucius Institute Headquarters, respectively hailing from science research, public affairs, competitive sports, culture and arts, the Star of Hope fields boarded the stage to receive their awards.

Next are the reports from the ceremony site made by Ifeng

Liang Wendao: Now, we are honored to have Madam Xu Lin, Director-General of the Confucius Institute Headquarter, to give us a speech.

Xu Lin: Thank you President Zhou, thank you all Peking students. It’s so lovely to be welcomed by all of you. Also my thanks and appreciations go to Mr. Liang and Mr. Xu. I stand here on behalf of the Confucius Institute Headquarters and all the 282 Confucius Institutes and 272 Confucius Classrooms from 90 countries and regions to take this prize. Therefore, please allow me to extend my thanks to Ifeng and to the Chinese Central Party and the State Council on their behalf. Moreover, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the 149 Chinese universities and 300 foreign universities which are involved in the Confucius Institute program.

Last but not least, I would like to express my gratefulness to the more than 5,000 volunteers and guide Chinese language teachers who are working hard in more than 110 countries. Some of them are serving in Europe, the UK, or the other advanced western countries. Although the cost of living are high in their host countries, they overcome any of the difficulties they encounter and work their hardest with the utmost of enthusiasm; the vast majority of the volunteers are working in Africa, Latin-American or other less fortunate countries. But they manage to gracefully deal with all the living and environmental difficulties and make the commitment to serve their terms of duty. They are the loveliest people in the world! Just as many scholars and experts remarked, every one of them is a fountain of knowledge. With their concerted efforts and the support given by all the related countries, the Confucius Institute has made great headway in the past five years and won worldwide reputation. Once again, thanks to Ifeng and all present.

“The World’s Most Influential Chinese People Awards Ceremony” was first launched in 2006. Ifeng in conjunction with Phoenix TV designed and organized the ceremony with the help of more than ten domestic and foreign media outlets and organizations. Ten to twelve outstanding people who were highlighted in various newspapers and who have made extraordinary contributions to the world, will be recognized and awarded. This is the fourth such event held in China.

Madam Xu Lin giving a acceptance speech

Mr. Liang Wendao and Xu Jialu, Ex-Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Congress

Madam Xu Lin receiving flowers

Xu Jialu granting awards to winners