US Confucius Institute at Arizona State University Holds the “Oriental Spring” Performance and Art Show

[Source]    Division of Confucius Institute Affairs [Time]    2010-06-24 11:07:32 

The “Oriental Spring” performance and art show sponsored by the Confucius Institute at Arizona State University and Arizona School of Oriental Arts was held on June 5th 2010. The performance is an annual report-back performance. Students, teachers, parents and other guests gathered to communicate and learn from each other, the performance hall was filled with an atmosphere that had a strongly Chinese cultural flavor..

Student’s Chinese calligraphy and painting works deeply impressed the audience who would never have considered the exhibits as teenagers’ works had the painters’ ages not been marked upon their works. Participating students’ ages varied between 4 and 15, the majority were below 12. Through the works, we can see that one’s artistic skill not defined by age. Students gave an outline of the soul of Chinese calligraphy and painting with their hearts. Due to the limitations of the size of the exhibition site, only 80 works were shown.

(The oriental spring Chinese calligraphy and painting exhibition)

The artistic performances were then staged in the 1600 capacity Orpheum Theater in Phoenix. 24 splendid performances were shown to the audience. Amongst the actors there were 3 year olds and adults, Chinese girls and American girls. Performances such as the 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac, Chinese Heroes, the New Melodies of the Operatic Circle, The Romance of Flowers Dance, A Dream of returning to Dunhuang won stunning applause with their graceful songs and lithe motion.

The performance is a combination of Chinese folk and classic art aims to expand the amalgamation and development of Chinese ethnic groups. The performance was also a collection of various Chinese artistic patterns including songs and dances of both Chinese ethnic minority groups and ethnically Han, modern music and dance elements. There were group dances, solo dances shown, the performance was permeated with a joyful atmosphere and become the image of a Chinese Lunar New Year Gala much welcomed by the audience.

(A group photo of the cast)

Ordinary words are not enough to recount the brilliance of performance. The breath-taking acts touched the hearts of everybody in the audience. The show began with the traditional song and dance “The Good Days”, the red costumes reflected people’s happy lives and immersed the audience in a world of Chinese culture; the solo dance “the Peacock Arrives” showed the unique style of China’s Dai ethnic group through gorgeous costumes and vivid movements. Another dance performance entitled An Impression of Mount Washan reflected the ever changing beauty of Washan mountain range by means of the 3 performers’ movements in combination with modern dance styles. Old Zhuoma and Little Zhuoma was a Chinese Tibetan ethnic group style dance illustrating little Zhuoma’s admiration for Old Zhuoma and the Old Zhuoma’s forgiveness towards Little Zhuoma.

The performance brought the audience an outstanding experience of Chinese traditional music and dance. The Confucius Institute at Arizona State University hopes to make the performance a platform from which to arouse people’s enthusiasm for Chinese art and to contribute to the succession and development Chinese art, letting vibrant Chinese culture shine all over the world.