Vice President Xi Jinping Attends Unveiling Ceremony for the Chinese Medicine Confucius Institute at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

[Source]    Division of Communications [Time]    2010-06-24 15:27:22 

June 20th-Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, who is paying a visit to Australia, attended an unveiling ceremony for the Chinese Medicine Confucius Institute at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne and delivered a speech to those present.

Vice President Xi Jinping expressed that as a result of over 10 years of productive cooperation between Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and RMIT; the 9th Confucius Institute had been successfully opened in Australia, and was another gratifying outcome for the cultural and educational cooperation between the two countries. He extended his warm congratulations on the grand event.

Vice President Xi stressed that, in terms of cultural and educational exchanges, the most valuable means was that of heart-to-heart communication. Confucius said, "Gentlemen are in harmony with each other in spite of their differences." Although there are historical and cultural differences between China and Australia, the two countries have achieved fruitful results in cultural and educational exchange and cooperation over the years. Traditional Chinese medicine is crystallized philosophical wisdom and a traditional Chinese concept of health preservation with practical experience. It is the gem of ancient Chinese science and also a key to opening the treasure of Chinese civilization. Study of Chinese medicine is of vital significance to enriching of global health research and promotion of life science worldwide. As the RMIT Chinese Medicine Confucius Institute integrates the traditional with the modern; Chinese medicine study with Chinese language learning; Xi explained that such an approach would open a new window for the Australian people through which to learn about Chinese culture, and to set up a new bridge linking heart-to-heart communication between the two peoples and enhancing a traditional friendship between the two countries.

Vice President Xi encouraged the teachers and students to cherish the opportunity, improve their Chinese proficiency through scientific learning methods and gain further insights into Chinese medicine, striving to become Chinese medical experts and messengers of cultural exchange between China and Australia and in turn contributing to Sino-Australian friendship. He believes that under the joint efforts of both sides; the Confucius Institute will become better and better, and that exchanges and cooperation between the two countries will be raised to a new high.

RMIT President Prof. Margaret Gardner expressed his belief that it is really encouraging for the whole school to see Vice President Xi at the ceremony. His appearance indicates that the Chinese government attaches great importance to and supports international culture, education and medicine: it was a grand event for Sino-Australian relations. The school will take this opportunity to strengthen exchanges in culture and medicine with China, and work with the Chinese government to contribute to enhancing friendship and finding solutions to international health concerns.