Chinese Embassy in Togo Holds Open Day for the Confucius Institute at University of Lome

[Source]    Dean’s Office [Time]    2010-06-21 16:44:23 

Nov. 5th, Lome—The Chinese Embassy in Togo held an Open Day for the Confucius Institute at the University of Lome at the Embassy’s new location, Ambassador Yang Min met with teachers and students.

Ambassador Yang Min began by leading nearly 60 teachers and students from the Confucius Institute in visiting the Embassy. Students dedicated a performance to the Ambassador and embassy officials.

The Open Day event was held prior to the Ministers’ Conference of the 4th Sino-African Cooperative Forum, the Embassy also held a Follow-up Action Achievements Exhibition for the Beijing Summit of Sino-African Cooperative Forum. Students visiting the exhibition showed great interest. Photos helped students to have a better understanding of Sino-African relations, especially China-Togo cooperative relations, this has deepened the students’ friendships with China

Soon after the viewing, First Secretary Liang Weiping led students to visit the meeting hall of the embassy. Students were very interested in the Chinese calligraphy works, paintings and sculptures on display in the meeting hall. Through this event, students gained insights into China and also learnt more Chinese words and phrases. The open day was marked by joy, applause and laughter (Reported by the Confucius Institute at University of Lome).