Great Wall Chinese

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Great Wall Chinese, a key project developed and operated by the Office of Chinese Language Council International, is a new Chinese teaching and learning system based on cutting-edge network and multimedia technology.

With the goal to expand a learner's Chinese communicative competence by utilizing rich teaching materials and resources, Great Wall Chinese provides a mixed learning system comprised of multimedia courseware and face to face tutorials, and also uses a new management system to monitor a learner's progress. Individualized learning plans are provided to meet the needs of anyone that wants to learn Chinese, any time, any place and at any level in China or overseas.

As a systematic Chinese curriculum, and divided into entrance, primary, intermediate and advanced stages, Great Wall Chinese includes Comprehensive Chinese (main courses) and Special Chinese, i.e. core courses (communicative mission), resource courses (language elements) and complementary courses (skills training). By integrating learning, administration, testing, resources, and a virtual community, the promising system of Great Wall Chinese provides support and service of learning, academic research and administration to all learners, tutors and Chinese teaching institutes.

Online courseware creates flexible time schedule

Voice Recognition System to refine pronunciation

Classroom tutorials to meet individual needs

Computerized Learning Management System to monitor the entire teaching and learning progress

Great Wall Chinese develops a whole product chain, to provide solutions for varieties of learning environments.

Great Wall Chinese ASP Mode Service (

Being a large platform based on the Internet and with a systematic Chinese teaching and learning resources, Great Wall Chinese Online ( provides an ASP (Application Service Provider) mode service, building virtual network institutes for academic administration, teaching affairs, and learning management.

Intranet Edition of Great Wall Chinese

Based on the intranet of each Chinese teaching institute, Intranet Edition of Great Wall Chinese can set up a local network learning environment to teach and learn Great Wall Chinese.

Great Wall System for Personal PC

The Personal Edition of Great Wall Chinese - Essentials in Communication, includes 6 DVD-ROM (Installation Disc) and 1 CD-ROM (Program Disc), and it is suitable for learning Great Wall Chinese without an access to internet or a local network.



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