The 10th International Conference on Teaching and Learning Chinese to Be Held

[Source]    Secretariat of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching [Time]    2010-05-10 16:53:25 

In order to adapt to developments in the state of Chinese teaching internationally, as well as satisfying the needs of most of its members, the 10th International Conference in Teaching and Learning Chinese will be held in Shenyang, China in August, 2010. The conference will center on new teaching materials and teaching strategies. Over 400 people, including experts and scholars, teachers and international publishing companies all around the world will participate in the conference. The plenary session of the 8th Council Meeting of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching will be held in coordination with the 10th International Conference in Teaching and Learning Chinese. Matters concerning the meeting are as follows.

1. Time:

Participants are required to arrive on August 18th and depart on August 21th. The time for the meeting is fixed to Aug. 19th – 20th 2010.

2. Theme: New teaching materials and new teaching strategies in international Chinese teaching and learning

Topics are as follows:

a) Teaching modes and teaching Methodology

b) Teaching materials and resources

c) Uses and market popularization of teaching materials

d) Teaching materials and tests

e) New information technology in research and development of teaching materials

3. Content

The conference will feature a number of activities, including keynote speeches, seminars, Chinese teaching demonstration courses, introductions to new Chinese teaching materials, multimedia Chinese teaching courseware awards, and an international Chinese teaching resources exhibition.

4. Fees:

a) Expenses for travel, accommodation and food are your own responsibility.

b) Conference fees: 1000RMB (Paid-up members enjoy a 50 percent discount.)

c) There is no provision for refund for individuals withdrawing during the event.

5. Language: The working language of the conference is English.

6. Paper request

a) Originality.

b) Papers shall be linked with specific teaching cases, teaching activities and teaching materials.

c) Subject of the papers shall be in accordance with the themes of the conference.

d) Papers shall not exceed 5,000 words. Your paper shall contain an abstract of approximately 500 words and 3 to 5 keywords. Applicant are required to submit abstracts and other introductions.

7. Application

The conference website ( ) will be launched on April 18th. Applicants will complete the application and submit the abstract of his/her research paper at the website. Qualifying suppliers will be promptly notified by the conference judiciary panel.

8. Deadlines

The application and research paper abstract submission deadlines are 18th April 2010.

The last date for formal notification is before 28th April 2010.

For more detailed information on the conference, please visit the conference website of the conference and the website of the Society

Secretariat of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching

18th March 2010


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