A Seminar on Hanban’s New HSK Receives a Warm Welcome in the UK

[Source]    Division of Testing  [Time]    2010-05-04 15:04:42 

Hanban launched a New HSK seminar during a workshop for local Chinese teachers in the UK which was held from April 23rd to 25th. The seminar received a warm welcome from local Chinese teachers.

Hanban’s testing division explained the status and development of the HSK, the reasons for the reform of the HSK and the characteristics of the ‘New HSK’ and YCT during the workshop. They also mentioned the distribution of exam sites in the UK as well as the application process for the new HSK.

Over 300 local British Chinese teachers have shown a strong interest in the New HSK, and have all agreed that the new HSK and YCT are better adapted to the current educational approach in the UK compared to the old exams. During discussions with the chairman of the seminar, some teachers said they would ask students to take the New HSK and YCT from now on, and teachers also offered some constructive advice.

The organizers of the seminar also conducted a survey concerning BCT and visited some exam sites.