Chile’s Department of Education Holds Reception in Honor of New Volunteers

[Source]    Volunteer Center [Time]    2010-04-08 14:42:57 

March, 26th, 2010 - Rodrigo Fabregas, Director of the Chilean Ministry of Education’s ‘Language Opens Doors’ Program held a reception in honor of 14 newly volunteers teachers. Chinese embassy staff were also in attendance at the reception.

Rodrigo Fabregas noted that 25 middle schools are now open for Chinese study. Initially, there were 6 schools. In 2009, the Chilean Department of Education made Chinese an optional course in secondary education. He expressed his appreciation to volunteers, saying, “you dare to brave the difficulties after a long journey and have come here after the devastating earthquake which rocked Chile; you bring the friendship of Chinese people to Chilean students. What you are engaged in is lofty work. You bring hopes to Chilean people, especially the children who are thirsty for knowledge. You are cultural messengers and messengers of peace.”

On behalf of the Chinese embassy, cultural counselor Li Baozhao extended a warm welcome to the 14 volunteers. He also gave a detailed introduction on the developments of the establishing of Chinese schools in Chile. He pins his hopes on these volunteers and encourages them to achieve complete success.

The Chilean Education Ministry’s Language Opens Doors Office held a week long Spanish training for volunteers.